SNOM D715 - HD Audio Deskphone

SNOM D715 Black
SNOM D715 Black
SNOM D715 White
SNOM D715 White

SNOM D715 - HD Audio Deskphone

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The Desk phone dilemma is one that we have debated at CircleLoop for a while both internally and from customer feedback.

We found that with our growing success in the marketplace, people are moving over in large numbers to our cloud based solution. In many cases happily using a desktop or mobile device but we have found that other users are still used to the security of their desk phone.

We have found that by not offering this we were stopping customers who loved the CircleLoop brand from becoming customers (loopers) so we have found a middle ground.

Snom D715 - VoIP Phone with PoE

State-of the-art line of full-featured IP desktop phone for small or large businesses. Elegant utilitarian design for high usability with high performance and affordability, the SNOM715 delivers a rich set of everyday business telephony features critical to today's real-time, information-driven business workforce. 

Key Features

  • Two (2) 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports
  • Four-line backlit black and white display
  • 802.11af Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Wideband HD audio
  • Hands-free operation

Features not available via CircleLoop

Please note that using the SNOM D715 with CircleLoop is designed to give you the security of having a desk phone available to pick up but that it is used in a hybrid model with your CircleLoop application. This means that features such as call transfer are currently remote-controlled from the desktop application, and do not work directly on the handset.

Features not currently supported via the handset include

  • On device hold
  • Transferring calls on device
  • On device phonebook
  • Headset connection to device
  • On device voicemail
  • Auto-Dial
  • Auto-Answering
  • Conference
  • Call Waiting (ties into Line Switching)
  • Reject Anonymous Calls
  • Function Keys
  • Accounts
  • Call Forwarding
  • Hide Caller ID

Crystal Clear Audio

The SNOM D715 is built from the ground up for HD audio and delivers superior, crystal clear end-to-end call quality. Its sleek ergonomically designed handset has an advanced speaker and microphone system, and the phone supports a broad range of media codecs, including G.722 wideband codec.

The snom 715 has a four-line black and white graphical display featuring an intuitive interface with four context sensitive function keys within a simple, user-friendly menu. 

The snom 715 comes with a preinstalled security certificate for quick and secure provisioning without manual interaction. It also supports the latest VoIP security protocols to ensure secure desktop communications.